Basics of Organic Gardening

Workshop will cover Basics of Gardening, Home Made Remedies for Fertilizers & Insecticides

Beginner 5(18 Ratings)
  Dates - 17-Apr-2021
  Timings - 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM (IST)
  Age Group - 20+ Years
  Session(s) - 0
  Instructor - Sailaja Kapila

This workshop will cover:

1. Different Indoor & Outdoor Plants

2. Different Types of Soils

3. Different Types of Manure & Home Made Fertilizers

4. Different Types of Worms affecting plants & basic disinfectants for them

5. Home made remedies for Worms affecting the plants

6. Different Watering techniques based on plants

7. Which vegetables can be grown at home easily

8. Basic Tools & Techniques

9. Q & A

What Will I Learn ??
  • Basics on Organic Gardening
  • Home Made Remedies on Fertilizers & Insecticides
  • Information on Indoor & Outdoor Plants
  • Information on Simple Vegetables that can be grown at home
  • Notepad for taking notes
  • Your participation to make it a fun session
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Bonsai Kapilaascreations is founded by shailaja krishna a plants lover. A Qualified Bonsai Artist with having good experience, attended many workshops of Bonsai Masters like Peter Chan and Susumu nakamura and Hirau Nakamura. Kapilaas creations is Conducting workshops, classes and demonstrations on highly reputed platforms like Tata motors, Bajaj, Amdocs, Mitcon Consultancy Services Limited, Army clubs, Lion clubs and more than 25 other clubs. Bonsai workshops are the most famous workshops and are held regularly for    recurring enthusiasts.   Interested participants are coming to attend individual personal classes to learn Bonsai from far off places. Not only from Maharashtra, other states like Delhi, Rajasthan, Andhra pradesh, Karnataka etc… She Upgraded her Bonsai skills by attending class with Japanese masters in Japan during her recent visit to Japan. Visited World Famous Bonsai villages of Japan like Bonsai Empire of Omiya Bonsai village which has many Bonsai nurseries and world-famous Bonsai Art Museum, and Visited Takamatsu Bonsai Village. It is another Bonsai village having large number of Bonsai trees, it is famous for its selling Pine Bonsai for 1.3million dollars in Takamatsu Bonsai convention. Here the Gardens are owned by Famous Japanese masters like Mr.Kimura and Mr.Suzuki, And otherfamous Bonsai garden are Fujikawa kouka en  of Osaka city and Koju en Shohin Nursery of Kyoto .Shunkaen Bonsai Museum of Tokyo is a show case of many beautiful Bonsais owned by world famous bonsai master Kunio Kobayashi. Aichien Bonsai nursery of Junichiro Tanaka of Nagoya city has centuries old Bonsai trees. Many foreign Bonsai enthusiasts come here to learn Bonsai art by doing apprentice. Met in Thailand The Bangkok Bonsai man Montri Sukermsongchai, he is very famous Bonsai master in Bangkok with huge collection of very well trained well shaped beautiful bonsai trees. Learntmany Bonsai skills by talking and walking with Bonsai Masters of Thailand, USA, and Dubai.Robert Macnair is very famous is the only one doing Bonsai in Dubai having beautifully shaped collection of Bonsai trees. The Royal family will come here to visit his garden regularly.   
 We provide training material for Bonsai Enthusiast. We have a complete stock of training material for the Hobbyists as well as the serious pursuer of the Bonsai art.      
We conduct Bonsai training classes in the art of Bonsai for interested students. We are conducting Group workshops which include Demonstrations and practical sessions.   
We are selling Bonsai plants. Bonsai is wonderful memorable gift to give any occasion.
Terrarium making Classes are also held regularly.      
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  • Tue, 05-Jan-2021
    Sumitra Ghosh
    Excellent course. Excellently taught. Thanks Shailaja Ji & BeyondGyan!
  • Mon, 04-Jan-2021
    Mouni Mitra
    Shailaja Ji is a renowned Trainer in this field. Enjoyed every second of this training.
  • Mon, 04-Jan-2021
    Jagdeep Singh
    Bonsai Art is very unique and very interesting for people who love Gardening and making art with plants. Thank you Shailaja Ji for making it very easy for each participants to understand the concept and implement it.
  • Mon, 04-Jan-2021
    Piramal Chhatri
    Passion..Passion...Passion...Fun...Fun...Fun...Peace & Enjoyment!!
  • Tue, 22-Sep-2020
    Madhusudan Singh
    Shailaja Ji is very informative, entertaining and friendly. I am a hugh fan of her vast knowledge in this field and execution style.
  • Tue, 22-Sep-2020
    Bharat Kamlani
  • Fri, 04-Sep-2020
    Surinder Kaur
    Thank you for spreading happiness all around!
  • Fri, 04-Sep-2020
    Hiren Patel
  • Fri, 04-Sep-2020
    Arjun Singh
    Enriching experience. Loved the course topic, content & delivery.
  • Wed, 19-Aug-2020
    Paresh Sahoo
  • Fri, 21-Aug-2020
    Swati Patil
    If you love Gardening then you should try this out. This will build remarkable happiness & peace in your life. Thank you Shailaja Ji & BeyondGyan!
  • Mon, 17-Aug-2020
    Sankalp Saxena
    Enjoyed to the fullest.
  • Sat, 01-Aug-2020
    Deepak Bhende
    Shailaja ji - your knowledge on plants and this field is unmatched.
  • Sat, 01-Aug-2020
    Sonia Gupta
    Wow. Awesome. When is the next session happening..would like to recommend to my friends who love gardening.
  • Sat, 01-Aug-2020
    Neha Maheswari
    BeyondGyan - thanks for doing this remarkable work and bringing these kind of courses. Enjoyed a lot.
  • Sat, 01-Aug-2020
    Abhishek Patni
    Implemented this with one plant and the lind of happiness & peace I am getting is unmatched. I feel ecstatic whenever I see this plant I created. Thank you Shailaja Ji & BeyondGyan!
  • Sat, 01-Aug-2020
    Vijay Deshkar
  • Sat, 01-Aug-2020
    Amit Khatri
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