Gouache Painting (Beginner Level)

The very basic techniques of Gouache will be taught where even beginners can join.

Beginner 5(18 Ratings)
  Dates - 10-Jul-2021 - 25-Jul-2021
  Timings - 03:00 PM - 04:15 PM (IST)
  Age Group - 10+ Years
  Session(s) - 0

Below techniques will be covered during these sessions:

    1. Water balance

      2. Light to dark

      3. Layering

      4. Opaque technique

      What Will I Learn ??
      • Gouache painting
      • 300 GSM Watercolor sheet
      • Gouache paint set
      • Flat 8 and 10 number brushes, 1, 4, 6 round brushes. (all synthetic)
      • Pallet, 2 water tumbler, 1 sponge cloth.
      • Lycra fixative spray
      Course schedule dates are highlighted in blue color in the calendar above.
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      I am a Pune based self learnt artist, have been practicing art since childhood. My inclination towards Art was always encouraged by my parents. I am a nature person which is very much evident in my pictures & they are very much near to Mother Nature. I have travelled a lot, so whatever inspires me is bought down in my work.

      My Forte - Pencil On Paper, Charcoal on Paper, Color Pencils & Oil on Canvas

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      • Wed, 02-Dec-2020
        Apoorv Saxena
        very good teaching with good conceps
      • Mon, 04-Jan-2021
        Karen Mathew
      • Tue, 05-Jan-2021
        Abhishek Badane
        Deepshika Ji is very engaging and friendly. She is very experienced working with this age group which enabled the young learners to engage and participate quite independently.
      • Mon, 04-Jan-2021
        Kishor Sahu
        Shikha is a really good teacher. Great learning so far. Thanks team Beyondgyan for such innovative classes.
      • Mon, 04-Jan-2021
        John Parera
        Shikha classes are awesome. She is very friendly, entertaining and informative. My kids thoroughly enjoy the classes & I am amazed to see the art created by them.
      • Mon, 04-Jan-2021
        Arti Mirchandani
        Shikha is very prompt and engaging. Her each session is fun and kids are genuinely excited to learn from her.
      • Tue, 22-Sep-2020
        Seema Iyer
        The instructor is very informative, entertaining and friendly. She keeps everyone engaged and is on point with keeping the scheduled agenda.
      • Tue, 22-Sep-2020
        Joyce Horner
        It was an enriching experience. Ms Deepshikha was extremely patient with the kids and explained everything in ways that the young ones can easily understand. Applause to the entire team for delivering the program in an organised manner.
      • Fri, 04-Sep-2020
        Gurleen Kaur
        Trainer Happy, Kids Happy, Parents Happy, Everyone Happy - What more can you ask for??
      • Fri, 04-Sep-2020
        Suresh Jain
      • Fri, 04-Sep-2020
        Sombir Lohchab
      • Wed, 19-Aug-2020
        Adarsh Siha
      • Fri, 21-Aug-2020
        Swati Sharma
        Amazing place to groom the budding artist in you! Whether you are looking for some basic guidance to improve on your drawing / painting skills as a hobby, or you are seeking to learn some serious advanced stuff in art, this is the right place to be. Whatever form of art you wish to pursue, you will have experts in each field guiding you. Deepshikha Saxena is an amazing artist herself, and her efforts to kindle a love of art in her students are truly inspiring!
      • Mon, 17-Aug-2020
        Abha Saxena
        She is a budding but mature artist. My best wishes for every success for her future..
      • Sat, 01-Aug-2020
        Malay K
        Thank you Mam & Sir for the Studio tour. It was inspiring to see the paintings made by Sir.
      • Sat, 01-Aug-2020
        Devayani Kulkarni
        Thank you Deepshikha mam and Atul sir for the wonderful studio tour. Looking forward to tomorrow's first advanced session.
      • Wed, 13-Jan-2021
        Megha Shankardas
      • Wed, 09-Jun-2021
        Kavita Samant
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